Wrap Doors

Most existing kitchens have great carcasses, but the doors are dated. Change to doors that best suit your style. Giving you a brand new, modernized kitchen for half the price it would cost to replace the entire kitchen.

Our wrap doors are made from A-Grade Supawood with a 300 – 550 micron foil (3D PVC) to guarantee the highest quality door.

High Gloss Wrap is done on our newly acquired HP Press. High Pressure Doors are very durable & wear well in the domestic environment. With a range that consists of over 80 colours and many styles to choose from.

Wrapping PVC 3D thermoplastic foils to CNC 3D MDF will always have its challenges.
With the wide range of vacuum and membrane presses on the market today, requires skill, patience, and the right adhesive and calibrated measuring equipment to ensure a surface finish which displays high resistance to hot conditions experienced in transport and in the home and kitchen. Certified by Jowat we offer a 3 year guarantee de-laminating against doors & panels done on our HP Press.

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