3 Tips for Dealing with Bathroom Vanity Water Damage

Whether your home experienced a leak or your upstairs neighbours had a flood, there are multiple ways water damage to bathroom vanities can occur. Fortunately the damage can often be repaired surprisingly easily. Here, they offer their top tips for homeowners who need to deal with this bathroom eyesore.
1. Nip the Problem at Its Source
First and foremost, fix the root cause of the water damage to make sure you won't be continuously repairing and replacing your vanity. This might involve calling a reputable plumber to inspect your pipes and/or repair a leak.
2. Assess the Damage
Your inspection will help you determine the extent of the damage. If the core foundation of your bathroom vanity is affected, you'll need to replace your cabinets. Over time, the weight of the countertop will cause your cabinets to weaken and collapse.

Also take into account the nature of the damage. If your issue was caused by a faulty pipe, excessive humidity levels leading to long-term damage, or a cabinet that is leaning or unstable, you will likely have to replace your cabinets completely.
3. Do Easy Repairs When Possible
Water damage restoration doesn't need to be a long, involved project. Some easy fixes include:

Peeling Veneer: If your veneer is peeling, all you need is a strong, contractor-grade wood glue to attach it back to the cabinet. This is best if only parts of the veneer are peeling. If you need to redo the entire finish give our team at universal doors a call.

Water Stains: With a little elbow grease, you can easily remove water stains from your bathroom vanity. Sand the affected area first, and then treat it with wood bleach before refinishing it.

Base Damage: Use baseboard moulding for a quick, temporary cosmetic fix to water damage at the base of your vanity. The better solution would be to call Universal Doors to assist you in fixing your damage.

At Universal Doors we have been assisting clients with water damaged cupboards for many years. We will find the source of the water damage and we will be able to assist you in fixing your cupboards at affordable prices. To know more give our team a call.