Melamine Doors

“What are melamine doors?” Melamine is thermal-fused, resin- saturated paper finish bonded onto a particle board or MDF core and they are most widely used product for doors. Melamine doors are decorative paper which are made from moisture resistant MDF or Particle board, in a range of surface finish options like matt, texture and gloss along with a huge variety of colours and patterns. They are only available in square edged profile.

Melamine board can only have flat surfaced doors and it is not possible to router any kind of design or profiles unlike vinyl or 2 pac.

Melamine edging: The usual way to edge band melamine is with matching 1mm PVC edging. It is one of the biggest factor that should be considered while making a decision on who would you get to do your kitchen renovation, if you have chosen to get melamine doors.

Melamine is the most widely used product for doors. Over the years the product has improved in durability and the colours have become more vivid and the woodgrains becoming more realistic.

Melamine is a laminated product that is applied to MDF board and is very hard wearing, stain resistant with many finishes available.

Laminates are not scratch-proof but rather, scratch resistant. Thus it is possible to permanently scratch or mark the laminate surface, particularly with a sharp implement. We recommend the use of liquid cleaners for general day-to-day use.

Whenever stubborn spots occur which cannot be removed with a liquid cleaner, then the careful use of a cream cleanser for these spots should be used.

Melamine cabinets present great value for money in a range of durable and stylish finishes. Make use of the current trend for dual colour kitchens - one style trend is to have dark coloured tall cabinets to define the bulk of the joinery, whilst using a lighter shade on the base cabinets to light the space.

At Universal Doors and Components, we use the most advanced and innovative technology to process our melamine doors, which ensures a superior quality finish and significantly higher durability. Our customers can be assured and have peace of mind that they will be getting the best possible finish on the edges of their melamine doors. Please feel free to visit our showroom to physically see our melamine doors or call us today for affordable prices.