High-gloss Acrylic

Niemann SA

One of the leading importers of high-gloss acrylic board from Germany, we offer the full range of Niemann Boards to our customers.

The boards are available in a polygloss, polymatt & acrylux finish. Niemann have also recently launched a textile & textured range which can be @ our showroom.

The boards are made by bonding a 75 micron clear film of Polyester onto the surface of a double faced melamine board with MDF substrate. Finished thickness is 19mm. As the film of Polyester is clear, the colour of the finished board is determined by the colour of the melamine board. The colour range includes plain colours and wood-grains.

Acrylic is scratch resistant to the extent. Once the protective film has been removed, surfaces are to be polished with an acrylic enriched Rally car polish. Thereafter, where necessary, marks can be removed with a damp cotton cloth.

Seno SA

As the leading local supplier of acrylic Seno SA boasts an extensive range of finishes to choose from they offer a Senosan, Veneer Line & Eccoline range of products.

Seno is Austrian in origin & the quality of board that reaches our shores is still done to European standards. We offer the full range of Seno products to clients.

The Senosan is the standard plain colour acrylic range, the acrylic is pressed onto 16mm MDF board and has a white melamine backer. All the Senosan colours are available in 32mm as well as double face.

It will also not discolour and is far more durable than ordinary veneer. The veneer is imported with the laminate and & pressed onto 16mm MDF Board. The back is white melamine.

Eccoline is the woodgrain acrylic finish that is also available in a matt range. It is available in both 16mm & 32mm depending on your preference.