Built In Cupboards

Re-invent your bedroom and kitchen cupboards by ‘Doing it yourself’ or having it installed with our bedroom and kitchen designs. There can be so many different uses for built in cupboards. They are often a very practical and worthwhile investment in any home. Built in cupboards in your bedroom or kitchen space do not have to be boring, there are a few tips and tricks we can share to help you maximise your style and your storage.

Our built in cupboard solution allows you to easily install the cupboards yourself or you can use one of our qualified fitters. Costs are kept low, because Universal Doors don’t add on additional charges. Work directly with the fitter and keep your built-in cupboards at an affordable price. The quality of workmanship done by our certified fitters is guaranteed!

We install and distribute a wide selection of built in cupboards for any occasion where you need more of a permanent area for storage space. A popular choice of material for our built-in cupboards would be mainly wood, specifically plywood because it is the most cost effective solution for consumers who are looking for cupboards. Solid wood is slightly more expensive however it is also a good choice of material because it is slightly stronger and thicker than plywood and comes in many different elegant finishes such as cherry, teak, maple and oak.

There are many different types of cupboards that we have on offer such as:

The cupboards that we manufacture also use the flat-pack method which involves assembling the cupboard once delivered to the premises. This is also a very cost-effective solution and is easier to transport and easy to assemble.

Call our team at Universal Doors for high quality, top of the range built in cupboards for your home and give your home a facelift with extra storage space.